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Shandong Feed Industry Focuses on High Quality Development - Jiangsu Faster Digital Feed Factory Plan to Assist

Viewed: 145 Date: 2023-08-11

The theme of this annual conference is "Focusing on high-quality development and leading multi-dimensional integration", with multiple well-known experts and academicians from the Chinese feed industry attending the seminar. 

Jiangsu Faster Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference. Deputy General Manager Shao Jianxin of the company gave a technical report on the "Digital Feed Factory Construction Plan" as a specially invited guest;

Mr. Shao first elaborated on the core values of digital feed factories:

1. Improve quality and efficiency; 2. Reduce costs (management, production, finance, etc.); 3. Establish standards; 4. Improve employee quality; 5. Simplify complexity.

And summarize the history and future trends of automation development in the feed industry, indicating that the future of the feed industry will inevitably move towards intelligent development; Mr. Shao further explained in detail the construction of the digital chemical plant into "five constituent units" and provided implementation paths and specific plans;

Each of these "five units" is a relatively independent closed-loop system and can be integrated with other units into a large system; Any unit can be built separately, and even a certain function in a unit can be added separately according to the needs of the enterprise, greatly reducing one-time investment. Feed enterprises in various stages of development can find the part they want in the "Fast Digital Solution"; Contribute to the high-quality development of Shandong's feed industry.

During the meeting, the Faster team had information and technical exchanges with friends from Shandong and the national feed industry. Both sides gained a lot and strengthened their friendship, laying a solid foundation for further cooperation.

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