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Win-win cooperation
Win-win cooperation
The cooperative company currently has 165 employees, including more than 60 engineers and technicians. In the process of exploring the development direction of the enterprise, we think more about our own social value and responsibility. The answer is clear and firm. We will unswervingly stride forward on the road of feed machinery business. We will gather the global industrial chain, partners, employees and other forces to work together to build a sustainable social enterprise. We believe that the dream of the future is already visible now.
Mechanical Engineers
  • Education level: Undergraduate
  • Number of recruits: 1
  • Work experience: 2 Years Experience
  • Professional requirements: Mechanics
  • Work location: Changzhou

Main work content:

1. Assist in organizing the preparation of the company's technology planning;
2. Responsible for collecting and analyzing information on the development of science and technology in this industry at home and abroad;
3. Responsible for consulting, writing and organizing the company's mechanical technology-related documents;
4. Responsible for the company's mechanical project management.

Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering;
2. Those who have experience in technical work such as enterprise product research and development, process development, or project declaration are preferred;
3. Strong logical analysis ability, careful thinking, strong communication and coordination ability and copywriting ability;
4. CET-6 or above, with the ability to quickly read and understand foreign language scientific and technological literature;
5. Have a sense of responsibility, be serious and pragmatic in work, and have teamwork spirit.