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Professional technical personnel and perfect after-sales service system provide you with professional services

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On-the-spot survey and adapt measures to local conditions

We design comprehensive problem solutions for feed machinery, fertilizer machinery, biomass machinery, storage machinery and engineering according to different requirements of customers, different raw materials, and different sites

Personalized customization provides 3D renderings

Project planning schemes can be designed according to different needs of customers, and 3D renderings can be provided to enhance user experience

Technical service full escort

Whether in pre-sales or after-sales technical support, we provide customer satisfaction services at any time

Professional team on-site installation

The company has a professional technical team with 25 years of practical experience in design, manufacture and installation

One-on-one guidance, worry-free production

After the installation and commissioning are completed, we will provide one-to-one technical guidance according to the actual situation of the customer, and be responsible for training the operators until the customer can fully operate the production by themselves. Truly be 'customer-centric' and provide customers with excellent service

Rapid response and lifetime maintenance

In terms of service quality control, we insist on lifelong service and infinite perfection. In addition to the warranty period, we provide customers with lifelong services. As long as the equipment is in use, Liangyou's service to customers will not be terminated. In terms of service, we insist on responding in the first time and solving problems at the fastest speed.