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Enterprise Internal Training Series 2: From Objectives to Results - Building an Executive Team (Management Improvement - Creating Greater Value for Customers)

Viewed: 139 Date: 2023-08-11


       Snowflakes are flying outside the window, and the indoor atmosphere is lively and passionate; On January 14th and 15th, the first auspicious snow season of 2023, Jiangsu Faster Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. conducted a two-day internal training series II "From Objectives to Results - Building an Executive Team". This internal training was led by Chen Jiangliang, a practical management expert from Shanghai Hongchuang Consulting, and led by General Manager Tang Jinxiang of Jiangsu Faster, all middle and senior management personnel participated in the training.




    Since the relocation of the new factory area in Jiangsu Faster, the company has taken on a new look, and the enthusiasm of all Fasters has become even higher. In order to better meet the growing needs of customers and create greater value for them, Jiangsu Fast has been innovating and transforming - building first-class hardware facilities in the industry, and also building a first-class iron army team. Efficient and high-quality management is the primary symbol of the iron army team, and the core of efficient management is a "team with execution ability", which is the guarantee for the enterprise to achieve various goals.






     Through this internal training, both the senior and middle management of the enterprise have gained a lot; At the conceptual level, I have understood that "having results is the embodiment of strong execution", "attitude does not equal results", "task does not equal results", "responsibility does not equal results", "corporate profits are the result of the company exchanging results with customers, and wages are the result of employees exchanging results with the company"; At the practical level, I have also mastered the methods to improve execution: first, "planning", "responsibility", then "inspection", "assessment", "motivation", and "summary". The implementation of each step can truly implement the improvement of execution. Based on their respective positions, everyone has learned about "executive power at the senior level", "executive power at the middle level", and "executive power at the grassroots level", clarifying the ways and priorities for personnel at all levels of the company to improve their executive power!






     This internal training adopts an immersive learning mode, where every detail from grouping to answering questions, and then to the game, is simulated through practical execution; At the same time, a PK mechanism has been introduced to catch up with each other, and every student has actively invested, achieving very good learning results.




      Finally, Mr. Tang Jinxiang, General Manager of Jiangsu Faster, gave a summary speech and a review, encouraging everyone to learn and apply the knowledge and skills they have learned every time to their daily work. They bravely tried and actively explored to achieve unexpected results for customers, and worked hard and scientifically to achieve the company's various goals for 2023.



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