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Guanghui Biotechnology (Shenyang)&Jiangsu Faster Annual Production of 500000 tons of Feed Complete Set Project Successfully Signed

Viewed: 134 Date: 2023-08-11

On May 18, 2023, with beautiful weather and abundant vitality, Harbin Guangying Group Guanghui Biotechnology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Faster Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly signed a contract to jointly build a modern benchmark feed factory with an annual output of 500000 tons.

       This project covers the warehousing system, livestock and poultry feed, ruminant feed, and premix production lines. The livestock and poultry feed line includes four high-end pig feed (including expanded and matured educational and protective materials) production lines, two ruminant feed production lines, and one additive composite premix production line, covering a full range of livestock and poultry, ruminant full price formula feed, and premix feed varieties, with a wide variety of categories.


       Faster has won the unanimous trust and successful cooperation of the leadership and experts of Guanghui Biotechnology due to its superior quality assurance, ripening and tempering pig feed granulation process, full expansion process of teaching materials, innovative ruminant molasses addition process, positive pressure dense phase conveying technology of residue free premix raw materials, and excellent single machine performance.


       Guangying Animal Husbandry Group always adheres to the corporate principle of "promoting agriculture through technology and creating value", and strictly implements the quality management policy of "quality, service, innovation, and efficiency". Through "standardization construction", we have created a core competitiveness with good product quality and efficiency, winning recognition and welcome from a large number of feed enterprises, distributors, and breeding friends, and becoming one of the leading modern agricultural and animal husbandry feed enterprises in China in terms of technological level.


       The entire project is tailored by Faster, with advanced overall planning, strict functional zoning, precise processing technology, and intelligent and efficient feed processing equipment. From ingredients, mixing, crushing, granulation, to packaging, the fully automated production line effectively reduces the overall operating costs of the entire factory and improves the quality of feed and aquaculture.


       At the grand and enthusiastic signing ceremony, Chairman Mu Yudong of Guanghui Group and Chairman Tang Jinxiang of Jiangsu Fastest jointly stated that in all stages of contract performance, both parties will closely cooperate, ensuring high standards and strict requirements in equipment manufacturing, production delivery, installation and commissioning, and jointly building Guanghui Biotechnology (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.'s feed engineering into a model project in Northeast China and even nationwide!

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