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Bayannur Mushi&Jiangsu Faster Annual Production of 400000 tons of Ruminant Feed Complete Project Successfully Signed Contract

Viewed: 131 Date: 2023-08-11

   On June 2, 2023, in Inner Mongolia, where there are lush grasslands, herds of cattle and horses, and blue skies and white clouds, Bayannur Mushi Feed Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Fastest Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. jointly signed a contract at the headquarters of Chifeng Mushi Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology (Group), aiming to jointly build a modern benchmark factory with an annual output of 400000 tons of ruminant feed. It can achieve high-quality production of livestock and poultry, ruminant full price formula feed, and additive premixes.

       This project includes a raw material storage system and a ruminant feed production system. The three ruminant feed production lines cover a full range of ruminant formula feed and concentrated feed varieties for cattle and sheep, with a wide variety of categories.

Faster has won the unanimous trust and successful cooperation of the leadership and experts of the Pasteur Group through its superior ripening, quality control, and high-quality ruminant granulation process, innovative ruminant molasses addition process, unparalleled positive pressure dense phase conveying technology for premixed raw materials, industry advantages in crushing, mixing, and granulation, as well as mature technology accumulation and good reputation in livestock, poultry, ruminant, and premixed materials, Stand out from the competition among seven suppliers.

       Adhere to the bottom line of quality and gain market recognition

       Mushi Group is an innovative enterprise that integrates service, research and development, production, and technology. The company specializes in ruminant feed for cattle and sheep, and aims to become a leading brand in the ruminant industry that represents the profession; Adhering to the mission of "helping farmers earn more money and let us live a good life together", we innovatively develop and launch a series of products from Hushi and Hongmu based on different breeding environments, geographical differences, and diversified varieties. The product services cover 173 cities in 12 provinces including Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, etc. Relying on a professional service team, excellent product quality, and a responsible attitude, we have saved breeding costs and improved breeding efficiency for users, earning their love and trust.

       Mushi Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology (Group) currently has Chifeng Hongmashi Feed Co., Ltd. located in the Green Food Industrial Park in Hongshan District, Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, covering an area of 30000 square meters with an annual output of 300000 tons; Changtu Mushi Feed Co., Ltd. has been established in Changtu Economic Development Zone, Tieling City, Liaoning Province, covering an area of 45000 square meters with an annual output of 500000 tons. Bayannur Mushi Feed Co., Ltd.'s annual production of 400000 tons of ruminant feed project is the third modern chemical plant of Mushi Group.

       Adhere to intelligent manufacturing empowerment and create customer value

       The Bayannur Mushi project is tailored by Jiangsu Faster, with advanced overall planning, strict functional zoning, precise processing technology, and intelligent and efficient feed processing equipment. From crushing, batching, mixing, granulation to automatic stacking of finished products by robots, the fully automated production line effectively reduces the overall operating costs of the entire factory and improves the quality of feed and aquaculture.

       Partial core equipment

       SWFP66 series wide micro crusher

       (Multi chamber patented technology, improving crushing efficiency by 30%)

       SSHJ series dual shaft mixer

       (Iterative product, direct transmission of motor and gearbox, enabling load start; dual axis paddle structure with more uniform weight loss mixing)

Adjust the blade structure, with adjustable clearance between the blade and the shell; High mixing uniformity and extremely low residue

       SZLH520 Animal Ruminant Granulator

       (Humanized operation, fully automatic operation; good feed quality produced, improving breeding efficiency)

       SHHF series super quality assurance device (ripening kettle is an iterative product of quality assurance device)

       (Triple heating technology, the effective heating area of the curing kettle has been increased by more than three times compared to the holder; the interior is clean and hygienic, without sticking materials, and prevents mold and cross contamination; the tempering time is extended, the tempering temperature is increased, the maturity of the feed is increased, the particle powder content is reduced by more than 40%, and the granulation yield is increased by 10-15%, and the service life of accessories such as the ring mold and pressure roller is improved.)


       Highlights of Engineering Value

       ● The granulation and tempering process adopts a double layer conditioner+super quality assurance device (curing kettle) to ensure excellent heat treatment effect of raw materials before granulation, resulting in higher granulation capacity and better quality;

       ● A unique mixing process for adding ruminant molasses, with independent mixing before packaging, solves the pain points and difficulties of adding molasses in the industry, and ensures stable and efficient production efficiency of the production line;

       ● The premix is equipped with unique positive pressure dense phase conveying technology, additive micro ingredient weighing technology, and high-speed, efficient, clean, and hygienic mixing technology.

       Jiangsu Faster Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in feed machinery, conveying machinery, and forage machinery, Adhering to the principle of "leading technology, excellent products, first-class engineering, and service-oriented" The company has cooperated multiple times with well-known international and domestic enterprises such as Zhengda Group, New Hope Liuhe Group, Cargill Group, Dabei Agricultural Group, Muyuan Group, COFCO Group, Tongwei Group, Haida Group, Anyou Group, Shandong Haibo Group, Guiliu Group, Shandong Hemei Group, Guangdong Aohua Group, Guangxi Baiyang Group, and formed strategic partnerships.

       At the grand and enthusiastic signing ceremony, Chairman Lv Jingping of Mushi Group and Chairman Tang Jinxiang of Jiangsu Fastest jointly stated that both parties have jointly established a project team for the project. During the various stages of contract performance, both parties closely cooperate, ensuring high standards and strict requirements in various aspects such as equipment manufacturing, production delivery time, installation and debugging, and jointly making the Bayannur Mushi Rumination Feed Project a national model project!

As a professional feed intelligent equipment and factory engineering system service provider - Faster, we will continue to innovate independently in the future, meet customer development needs with excellent quality and lean service, and help our partners succeed!

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