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Speech by General Manager Tang Jinxiang at the housewarming ceremony

Viewed: 147 Date: 2023-08-11

 Good afternoon, leaders, guests, and members of Faster's family!

        Today is a special day, a great day for the relocation of our Jiangsu Faster Machinery Co., Ltd., and a new milestone in the development process of our Jiangsu Faster. Starting from today, Faster Machinery will enter a new era of Faster intelligent equipment. Here, I would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere gratitude to all the leaders who participated in the company's relocation celebration today and to all the families of Jiangsu Faster!

       Jiangsu Faster was founded in the warm spring season of 2014. The company grew from small to large, starting from renting a 4000 square meter factory building in the Daibu Industrial Park and relocating to the Tianmu Lake Industrial Park in 2018. The factory building suddenly expanded to 12000 square meters, and the personnel also expanded from the initial 30 people to over 100 employees. In 2020, the company formulated a new five-year plan to build its own production and office headquarters in Nandu, a hot land for investment and development, Starting from the groundbreaking on April 8, 2021, after a year and a half of construction efforts, we have finally built a world-class production and office base; Looking at this modern workshop and spacious and bright office building, at this moment, my heart is surging and extremely excited. Looking back at the ups and downs of the company's eight years of establishment, the hardships of working together with my family, as well as the joy and comfort of achieving success, the eight year development process makes us firmly believe that the future of Jiangsu Faster will be even better!

       The development and growth of Jiangsu Faster cannot be separated from the hard work and struggle of our harmonious team, the support of leaders at all levels and friends from all walks of life in society, and even more importantly, from this great era and an increasingly strong motherland! It is precisely with this good era that we have the confidence to invest in modern and world-class factories and equipment: Faster's new factory area covers an area of 80 acres, 32000 square meters of factory buildings, 5000 square meters of office complex buildings, with an investment of over 100 million yuan. Its scale has firmly ranked among the top three in the hometown of feed machinery in Liyang. Our factory adopts the most advanced design concepts in the European machinery industry from design to construction, such as the use of an 11 span connected structure, It not only saves land area but also saves logistics costs. The eaves of the factory building are 13.8 meters high, and the total height of the roof is 16.5 meters. The walls and roofs are all purchased with double-layer insulation structures, which are tall, transparent, and energy-saving; The roof design adopts a novel asymmetric design, with a south slope of 28 degrees, which is conducive to solar power generation; The north slope has a slope of 60 degrees and is entirely made of glass structure, which is conducive to lighting and ventilation. The factory is tall and spacious, and is equipped with super large fans (with impeller diameter of 7 meters, each fan can cover more than 600 square meters); All of this is to provide our employees with a comfortable environment and a good mood during work, in order to manufacture first-class and good products. This time, we also choose the first-class equipment in the industry, such as the 12000 watt Daizu laser cutting machine, automatic shot blasting production line, electrostatic powder coating production line, flexible welding, assembly production line, and all the cranes use the "European style crane" of Flantech. We adhere to the principle of "if you want to do a good job, you must first use your tools", and we believe that our efforts and investment will definitely win the respect and return of the industry!

       Our new factory has undergone the most scientific planning and design on 80 acres of land, which not only maximizes the utilization of the land, but also allows people to feel the spacious and bright atmosphere of the factory; Clear zoning and an organic whole; It embodies both solemnity and agility; Embodying both feng shui and endowing technology; It is both like entering the garden and strictly following the factory's procedures; Faster's "world-class" genes are reflected everywhere!

       Moving to a new factory area has ushered in a new look and atmosphere for the company; Every member of our Faster family should also have a new atmosphere, new appearance, and a new "essence, energy, and spirit", to integrate into this beautiful home with a brand new self; Enterprises not only need to have good "hardware", but also need to have good "software". The biggest manifestation of "good software" is the mental state and outlook of every Faster person; We firmly believe that "good software" can be obtained through training and learning. In 2023, and even longer, training will be one of our most important tasks in Fastest. We hope that every employee can keep up with the pace of enterprise development through training!

       Looking back on the past is inspiring; Looking forward to the future is even more inspiring. Starting from today, we Faster will turn a new page and take a more heroic step in the new journey. In the new working environment, we Faster will uphold the spirit of exploration and innovation, take quality as our life, effectively do product development, and take exceeding customer expectations as our responsibility. We will work together and work hard to achieve the grand blueprint of the company's leapfrog development!

       On behalf of all employees of Jiangsu Faster, I would like to express my gratitude to all outstanding employees and partners who have put in their wisdom and hard work for the construction of the new factory area; The construction leadership team led by Li Xiaojian, Liu Wei, Xu Liang, and Zhang Tan Peng, as well as the on-site construction team led by Zhang Yueyuan as the project manager, thanks to your hard work, we have today's beautiful new factory, and today's gathering together to welcome the new era of Jiangsu Faste!

       Today's celebration is mainly a gathering of Faster's family and guests and friends from friendly cooperative units. It is the prelude to the company's new factory opening celebration and customer activities. The company has decided to hold a grand celebration in March when the spring flowers bloom. I take this opportunity to propose that all cadres and employees should organize and take action, and strive to make Faster's celebration a grand event in the industry.

       Finally, thank you once again to all the leaders, guests, and members of the Faster family. Wishing everyone good health! Work smoothly! Family happiness! Glorious career! All the best!

       Next, I suggest that everyone fill their glasses and raise their glasses. To Faster's housewarming joy and Faster's beautiful tomorrow, cheers!

       Thank you all!

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