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Tianjin Edeli's annual output of 360,000 tons of high-grade feed complete set project successfully signed

Viewed: 99 Date: 2024-03-04

The pace of New Year's Day has just passed, the Spring Festival is approaching, and the footsteps of farmers and shepherds continue to forge ahead. January 16, in the beautiful Tianmu Lake, "Jiangsu Fast intelligent Equipment Co., LTD." intelligent conference room is holding a warm atmosphere of the signing ceremony - Tianjin Edeli Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Fast Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a contract, the two sides are committed to jointly build an annual output of 360,000 tons of modern intelligent professional ruminant benchmarking factory, Meet the production of high-end ruminant feed and additive premix.

feed pellet mill

Mr. Li Jianbin, Chairman of Tianjin Edele Group (first from the left) and Mr. Tang Jinxiang, chairman of Jiangsu Fast Company signing ceremony

Tianjin Edeli Technology Group Co., Ltd. is an agricultural and animal husbandry research unit integrating product development, production, sales and high-tech services. The company has been committed to beef cattle, cows, cows, buffalo, yak, meat sheep, dairy goats, cashmere goats and other cattle and sheep products in-depth development, marketing services.

Tianjin Edele always takes high and new technology as the development direction, and transforms the new international and domestic scientific research technologies into products. Over the years, the expert team of Victori has combined the application of international high-tech fields with the actual research of Chinese farms. Through the form of "practice first, then promotion", it has been well received in the Chinese aquaculture industry. After years of continuous efforts, special research results and good feeding effects have been achieved in the aspects of diarrhea in young livestock, urinary bladder in meat sheep, daily weight gain in ruminants, feed conversion rate, etc.

As a pioneer of feed e-commerce, Tianjin Edeli adopts the three "+" model (that is, Internet + feed + service), online sales, offline services, on-site lectures, face-to-face exchanges and other forms to help customers use materials scientifically, feed scientifically, update farming concepts, and improve farming technology. Always focus on the needs of customers, adhering to the cultural concept of "products build Bridges, endless service". With the support of the new technology, new information and new research platform of the expert team, it has become a more powerful, better service and more trustworthy Chinese ruminant nutrition expert in the hearts of customers.

Tianjin Edeli company attaches great importance to the construction of talent system, actively introduces foreign talents, and conducts regular standardized training for employees, and constantly improve the quality awareness and service awareness of employees. The company has a group of biotechnology, feed science and other experts, doctors, masters and professional technical titles and other high-end technical talents, and strives to build a new high-tech feed enterprise. To be the producer and supplier of green and safe feed, and constantly promote the large-scale, industrialized and ecological development of China's agriculture. For a long time, the company has adhered to the management principle of survival by quality and development by science and technology, focused on user needs, and made efforts to tap the development potential of the agricultural and animal husbandry market.

The signed project is the fourth modern professional ruminant special factory invested by Tianjin Edeli Technology Group Co., LTD., covering an area of 23,000 square meters, with an annual output of 360,000 tons. The project covers vertical silo storage system, ruminant pellet feed production line, ruminant high molasses concentration production line and ruminant additive premix production line. It covers a full range of full-priced compound feed and concentrated feed varieties for rumination. The design and configuration of advanced mixture super curing and conditioning system, automatic packaging and palletizing system of finished products, automatic intelligent control system of the whole production process, as well as the domestic leading level of ruminant feed production technology and intelligent equipment. After the completion of the project, it will become a large modern intelligent feed processing base in Tianjin and the production base of the headquarters of Edeli Group. A variety of intelligent applications will also minimize the labor intensity of workers, reduce production costs, improve feed quality and production efficiency, and have a far-reaching impact on further extending the industrial chain of Edeli Group and rapidly becoming bigger and stronger.

The whole project is tailor-made by Jiangsu Fast, advanced scientific overall planning, strict functional zoning, accurate processing technology, with intelligent and efficient feed processing equipment, from the batching, mixing, crushing, granulation and finished products robot automatic palletizing packaging, fully automated production lines effectively reduce the overall operating costs of the whole plant, improve the quality of feed and breeding.

In the process of process exchange and equipment selection investigation of the project, the leaders and expert teams of Edrich Group did careful research work. Fast won the unanimous trust and successful cooperation of the leaders and experts of Edrich Group with its unique and refined single machine equipment, industry-leading process technology and the whole process automation digital control system solution.

Get a glimpse of the core equipment.

SWFP series Hammer Mill

The widened design of the crushing chamber, with a U-shaped secondary crushing chamber at the bottom, can effectively eliminate the circulation phenomenon in the crushing process and improve the crushing efficiency; SKF bearing and bearing seat; 4 pieces of screen structure, 4 groups or 8 groups of hammer can be selected, suitable for coarse and fine crushing operation; The main shaft is designed with strong rigidity, the rotor is checked by high-precision dynamic balance, and the operation is smooth and the noise is low. Sliding door form and elastic press screen mechanism, can quickly replace the hammer and screen; Equipped with automatic bearing lubrication system and temperature measuring device, worry-free use.

feed pellet mill

HHJS Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

Iterative product, motor and gearbox directly connected transmission, can realize load start; The double shaft paddle structure has more uniform weight loss mixing, adjustable blade structure and adjustable clearance between blade and shell; High mixing uniformity, very low residue.

feed pellet mill

High speed and high efficiency Single Shaft Paddle Mixer for premix

It has the advantages of short mixing time, high mixing uniformity, full-length big door discharge completely without residue, advanced shaft end sealing technology to prevent material leakage and so on.

feed pellet mill

Gravimetric trace element addition system

The performance of the system is stable, reliable, intelligent and accurate, completely eliminate the errors that may occur in manual weighing and dosing of trace substances, ensure the quality of products, and save labor and improve production efficiency.

STZB series Retentioner

The fourth generation of FAST improved product, the contact part of the material is made of 304 stainless steel, jacket steam heating, special blade structure, to ensure first-in-first-out. Increased spindle design, strong rigidity, discharge end has a special uniform structure, to ensure the stability of the granulator flow; Internal clean and hygienic, non-stick material, eliminate mildew and cross contamination; Prolong the conditioning time, improve the tempering temperature, improve the curing degree of feed, and increase the pelleting yield by 10-15%, and improve the service life of ring die and press roller accessories.

SZLH520 series pellet mill

Classic direct gearbox transmission, high precision, large oil storage, low noise. The box is made of ductile iron with stable mechanical properties. Gear, gear shaft adopts forging process, hard tooth surface grinding processing, to reach 6 level accuracy, low noise, life up to 100,000 hours. The main shaft oil hole adopts German deep hole gun bed drilling pin, smooth lubrication. Advanced and reliable overload protection device, fast disassembly of ring die hoop. Door cover, chute 304 stainless steel production, long service life.

With unique design and advanced and reasonable structure, it is a low fault, easy to operate, durable, high efficiency and energy saving granulation equipment. Equipped with electric ring die lifting device and grease automatic lubrication system, the use and maintenance is more convenient.

Highlight of project value

Pelletizing and tempering adopts the double-layer tempering and preservative process to ensure the excellent heat treatment effect of the material before pelletizing, ensuring that the ruminant particles have better palatability, higher pelletizing capacity and better quality;

The unique molasses mixing process of ruminant addition solves the pain points and difficulties of molasses addition in the industry, and ensures the stable and efficient production efficiency of the production line

Additive premix adopts a unique additive weight gain micro-scale weighing technology and a high-speed, efficient and clean mixing process.

Jiangsu Fast Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an innovative enterprise specializing in feed machinery, conveying machinery and grass machinery, adhering to the "leading technology and excellent products; "First-class engineering, service first" concept, The company has cooperated with many well-known international and domestic enterprises such as CP Group, New Hope Liuhe Group, Cargill Group, Dabinong Group, Muyuan Group, COFCO Group, Tongwei Group, Haida Group, Anyou Group, Haibo Group, Guiliu Group, Shandong Hemi Group, Guangdong Aohua Group, Guangxi Baiyang Group and so on to form strategic partnership.

At the grand signing ceremony, Tang Jinxiang, chairman of Jiangsu Fast Company, said: Edele Group has awarded the project of 360,000 annual production of high-grade ruminant intelligent factory to Fast Company. This is our trust and love, and we would like to express our heartfelt thanks. Fast Company will adhere to the guiding ideology of "intelligent manufacturing" and take the customer as the center. Make every effort to ensure the high quality and efficient construction of the project, build it into a new benchmark for intelligent factories in the ruminant industry, and jointly build the project into a professional ruminant model project in the country!

As a professional feed intelligent equipment and whole plant engineering system service provider - FAST, the future will continue to innovate independently, with excellent quality and lean service, to meet customer development needs, help partners succeed!

feed pellet mill

Team photo of both signing parties.

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