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Anshan Xindateng New Factory grand opening and great plans-FAST new technology and new technology assist development

Viewed: 143 Date: 2023-10-17

The golden autumn moon is full, the osmanthus is fragrant, and the National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival have just passed. On October 16, Anshan Xindateng's modern high-end broiler feed factory with an annual output of 450,000 tons, customized by FAST, was opened in the Xiuyan County Industrial Park in Liaoning Province. Hold a launching ceremony.

Yang Yong, chairman of Xin Datang Company, leaders of Xiuyan County Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau and industrial park leaders, Tian Gongwei, marketing director of Jiangsu FAST Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and more than 500 industry peers came to the scene to witness Anshan Xin Datang The magnificent opening.

At this historic moment, Mr. Tian Gongwei, FAST Intelligent Equipment Marketing Director, took the stage to deliver a speech on behalf of FAST, expressing warm congratulations on the opening of Anshan Xin Datang, and also expressed his affirmation and recognition for the efficient operation of Xin Datang's 450,000 tons annual high-end broiler feed production line. bless.

Anshan Xindateng joined hands with FAST to build this feed project with advanced process design, energy-saving and efficient equipment, and high degree of automation to meet the production of high-quality broiler feed.

The entire line is equipped with FAST fully automatic complete sets of high-efficiency equipment. Among them, the pellet production line uses FAST's patented technology super quality preserver (aging kettle) to strengthen the pre-conditioning process, which can produce high-end broiler feed with differentiated competitive advantages by fully eliminating anti-nutritional factors. It can completely kill salmonella and other harmful bacteria and viruses on the feed side to maximize breeding benefits!

Advanced processing technology

1. Adopt super quality-preserving aging + medium-temperature granulation to maintain the activity of exogenous substances and realize the formula value of nutritionists;

2. The raw materials are fully quality-preserved and matured to eliminate anti-nutritional factors in the raw materials, reduce urinary enzyme activity, and increase feed returns;

3. Advanced secondary ingredients and granule + ballast technology can effectively improve the safety and rapid breeding of broiler feed and optimize the feed-to-meat ratio;

Good feed quality

1. It can produce broiler feed for 0-21 day old broilers and full-price pellet feed for medium and large chickens;

2. The pellets have comprehensive nutrition and unique pellet + ballast technology. Broilers especially like to eat, and the digestion and utilization rate is higher;

3. The entire project uses FAST equipment, a series of high-efficiency equipment such as crushers, mixers, and granulators to provide guarantee for Xin Datang's stable and efficient production.

Stable and reliable SZLH series granulator

Breaking through many key technical bottlenecks, improving overall machine efficiency and high production capacity

The feed produced is of good quality and improves breeding efficiency

Complete supporting equipment (one-button start + automatic lubrication + automatic lifting by touch and touch), humanized operation, automated operation, and lower overall operating costs

SWFP series wide fine grinder

Optimized design of base structure, high-precision rotor calibration, and smoother operation;

Different hammer blade arrangements can be selected for different applications to achieve better and more uniform crushing fineness;

The coupling structure is improved, making maintenance faster and more convenient;

Double-shaft blade high-efficiency mixer

The first domestic single-motor dual-gearbox hard-tooth surface transmission technology, the equipment has stronger load capacity, more uniform mixing, can add a variety of liquids and solids at the same time, precise spraying, and easy control

Fully wide open door for discharging, with fast discharging speed and extremely low residue; silicone sealing strips are used to ensure no leakage during the entire mixing process;

In order to ensure that the task is completed according to quality and on time, the FAST delivery team strictly follows customer requirements from early overall planning, process design, to on-site installation and debugging, and supervises the entire process to ensure that the equipment is delivered in the best production condition. The excellent quality has been highly praised by Xindateng's management.

The clean and tidy production environment, stable and reliable operation results, and high-quality feed products have been widely praised by farmers once they were put into the market.

In the future, Jiangsu FAST will continue to innovate independently, insist on using more advanced, stable and reliable equipment, and tailor unique processes for customers to ensure the quality of customers' products and meet farmers' needs for high-end, green, and safe feed!

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