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Fast Innovation Products Shine at 2023 China Feed Industry Exhibition

Viewed: 132 Date: 2023-08-11

In March in Jinling, there is a scene of spring in Jiangnan. On March 29-31, the highly anticipated China Feed Industry Exhibition was held at the Nanjing International Expo Center, and Jiangsu Fast was invited to exhibit at the Jiangsu Pavilion.




      This exhibition has undergone two years of careful planning and preparation, with the exhibition scale and participating enterprises reaching new heights; Jiangsu Faster has launched a 650 large shrimp granulation machine, a dual axis high-efficiency mixer, a drawer type rotary grading screen, a twin screw wet expansion machine, and a digital solution for feed factories.



       Numerous new and old customers from both domestic and international sources are very interested in the feed processing equipment displayed by Faster, and have fully recognized the technological innovation, superior performance, and manufacturing strength of the products. Especially the 650 shrimp granulation machine has ushered in the era of high production of single motor belt drive shrimp granulation machines, with an hourly output of up to 5 tons/hour (1.0 ring mold for shrimp production); A good horse with a good saddle - a shrimp granulation machine equipped with a ripening kettle (patented product invented by Faster), which increases the ripening degree of shrimp by more than 8%. The dual axis high-efficiency mixer adopts a single motor and dual reducer transmission, which improves the transmission efficiency by more than 5% and makes the operation more stable; Drawer type rotary grading screen decomposes the entire screen frame into multiple units, allowing one person to easily change the screen, greatly reducing employee labor intensity. The bottom discharge is changed to the tail discharge, increasing the screening area, making it convenient to observe materials and replace soft connections. The Faster wet expansion function is suitable for the production of various complex formula feed, with high expansion efficiency. The customers who come to visit and negotiate at the Faster booth are endless and crowded, creating a thriving atmosphere!



       Fast not only presents innovative products, but also brings the latest processing technologies and digital factory solutions for premix, ruminant, high-end livestock and poultry feed, and aquatic feed, benefiting many new and old customers; The Faster technical expert team also conducted a systematic analysis of the difficulties and pain points encountered by customers during the production process, and proposed a solution path map; Received unanimous praise from customers! 



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