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HHJS Double Shaft Paddle Mixer

The HHJS double-shaft paddle mixer is a batch mixer, which mixes free-flowing dry solid materials evenly. Widely applicable to flour, feed, and other grain processing industry, for mixing materials.
Device Description

The HHJS series dual axis high-efficiency mixer is widely used in industries such as feed, grain, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc. It is mainly suitable for mixing powder, granular, flake, or block materials in the production process of these industries;

Adopt double output shaft gear reducer direct transmission instead of the traditional chain drive double mode, more stable operation;

The classic double-shaft blade structure is adopted, and the weightless principle is used for mixing, with short mixing cycle and high mixing uniformity.

Increase the effective mixing volume, with a wide range of variable filling coefficients, allowing for simultaneous liquid addition and sufficient atomization to reduce agglomeration and agglomeration;

Special shaft end sealing mechanism to completely prevent material leakage;

High mixing uniformity, CV ≤ 5%;

Device Parameters
TypeVolume (L)Mixing time(s)Capacity KG/ KG/batchPower(KW)
Equipment Details
  • HHJS Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Double shaft gear reducer direct transmission, smooth and efficient operation.

  • HHJS Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Quick-opening access door with lock protection, convenient maintenance.

  • HHJS Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Double blade structure, blade Angle is precisely designed, short  mixing  cycle,  high  mixing uniformity.

  • HHJS Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Full - length wide - open  unloading door, fast unloading speed, less residue.

  • HHJS Double-Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Optional fan nozzle, liquid spray evenly, reduce agglomeration phenomenon.

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