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HHJD Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

The HHJD single shaft paddle mixer is a batch mixer which mixing free-flowing dry solid materials evenly. Widely applicable to flour, feed and other grain processing industry, for mixing materials.
Device Description

Bearing, sealing integrated structure, eliminate the shaft end leakage;

Self-locking connecting rod structure, completely solve the discharge door leakage;

High mixing uniformity, fast speed;

Shaft mounted gear reducer, stable and reliable operation;

Assembled paddle structure, convenient to adjust the clearance between the blade and the barrel, low residue;

Device Parameters
ModelCapacity (KG/Batch)Power (kw)
Equipment Details
  • HHJD Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Assembly blade, easy to adjust the blade and barrel clearance, reduce residue.

  • HHJD Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Access door with safety lock is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • HHJD Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Airbag is used around the door to seal to prevent material leakage;

    Full-length large door design, fast unloading speed, less residue.

  • HHJD Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

    Advanced shaft end air sealing device to ensure long-term use without leakage.

  • HHJD Single Shaft Paddle Mixer

    SEW reducer,SMC cylinder, SKF bearing, ensure smooth operation,reliable, long service life.

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