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SSLG Crumbler

The cumbler is a feed processing equipment that breaks the larger pellet feed products produced by the pellet mill and cooled by the cooler into the smaller pellet feed products that are required. By pressing large particles and then crushing them into small particles with the crusher, the output can be increased by nearly twice, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, and the production efficiency of the whole process of the feed mill is improved.
Device Description

Adopting a double-layer roller structure and utilizing the principle of differential speed, the material is cut and squeezed, especially suitable for the production of laying hens.

A feeding roller with variable frequency speed regulation is installed above the work roller, ensuring uniform feeding and stable equipment operation.

The grinding roller cast with cold hard alloy has good wear resistance, long service life, and can be repeatedly processed, reducing usage costs.

Equipped with a crushing roller protection device, it will automatically avoid foreign objects entering and protect the crushing roller from damage.

Device Parameters
ModelCapacity (t/h)Matching power (kw)Roll size (mm)Fast roll speed (rpm)Slow roll speed (rpm)
Equipment Details
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