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SDFP Layer Hammer Mill

Specially applicable to layer feed, the corn grinding capacity is 15% ~ 20% higher than the traditional models.
Machine Description

Specially used for layer, the capacity of corn after crushing is 15% to 20% higher than that of traditional models;

Explosion-proof motor, SKF bearing;

Special hammer form, better shearing function, more uniform particle size, especially suitable for the growth needs of layer;

Hammer and spindle adopt quick unloading structure, convenient replacement;

Heavy machine base, full open mill design, convenient to change the screeens plate;

Belt transmission, gentle , low noise;

Compact structure, easy maintenance.

Device Parameters
ModelRotor diameter(mm)Pole power (kW)Rotational speed (rpm)Feed power (kW)Capacity (t/h)




Equipment Details
  • SDFP Layer Shredder

    High precision dynamic balance  grinding rotor, equipment running vibration is small, high reliability.

    Hammer knife after "quenching heat treatment + tungsten carbide surfacing welding", durable.

  • SDFP Layer Shredder

    Motor + belt flexible transmission, stable operation, low noise, Low maintenance costs.

  • SDFP Layer Shredder

    Equipped with frequency conversion impeller feeder, uniform feeding, adjustable speed, to ensure stable operation of equipment, small current fluctuation.

  • SDFP Layer Shredder

    High quality imported bearings, excellent quality, durable.

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