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TDTG Series Bucket Elevator

TDTG series bucket and self-cleaning elevator is suitable for continuous vertical conveying of powder, granular and small block materials; Widely used in various scale feed mill, grain and oil, food, chemical, building materials and grain depot, port of bulk material lifting and conveying.
Device Description

Compact structure, small cross-sectional dimensions, can significantly save the floor area;

The frame can be installed in the forward and reverse hopper for users to use according to demand;

The head and tail wheels are coated with adhesive technology to increase friction coefficient and improve transmission efficiency;

The transition section is added below the head wheel, and the outlet regulating plate and buffer chamber are provided to reduce the material return and increase the output; 5. A replaceable wear-resistant plate is installed in the head;

The head is also equipped with an explosion-proof opening, which can effectively prevent dust explosion.

The tensioning device increases the rubber spring buffer device to reduce vibration and prevent the conveyor belt breakage caused by sudden overload;

There are two sealing devices in the tension plate to overcome the phenomenon of powder leakage and material leakage of the adjustment plate;

Speed detection and deviation alarm device can be selected according to user requirements to ensure safe and normal production;

Can be equipped with anti-reverse device to prevent blocking caused by power failure;

Device Parameters
ModelGrains (t/h)Powder (t/h)Power (kw)
TDTG 40/1811~2911~222.2~5.5
TDTG 40/2312~3912~292.2~7.5
TDTG 40/2825~4613~352.2~7.5
TDTG 50/2320~6517~612.2~11
TDTG 50/2832~8027~572.2~18.5
TDTG 60/3057~12253~925.5~18.5
TDTG 60/3370~15367~1107.5~18.5
TDTG 63/44150~200100~15018.5~30
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