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FAEL Series Bucket Elevator

Widely applicable in feed mills, grain and oil, food, chemical, building materials, grain storage, and port bulk material convey.
Machine Description

Widely used in various scales of feed mills, grain and oil, food, chemical, building materials and grain depot, port of bulk material lifting and conveying;

The head wheel adopts the technology of inserting glue or wrapping glue to enhance the friction, prevent the dustpan belt from slipping, and the waist drum structure effectively prevents the dustpan belt from running off;

The lifting head is provided with an observation window and an explosion-proof opening to meet the requirements of safety and explosion-proof;

The bottom shaft end adopts new sealing structure to prevent dust leakage;

The machine base uses the new type axle end seal structure, prevents the dust leakage;

Equipped with back up device to avoid power cut off due to blockage;

With speed monitor;

Use reinforced bucket and high-strength polyurethane belt for long  life.

Device Parameters
ModelGrains (t/h)Powder (t/h)
FAEL 63/57200-300200-300
FAEL 80/57300-400150-200
FAEL 80/80400-500200-300
FAEL 80/98500-600500-600
FAEL 100/119600-800400-500
FAEL 100/136800-1000500-600
FAEL 100/1641000-1300600-700
FAEL 100/1901300-1500700-800
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