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SFJH Rotary Sieve

Widely applicable to food, feed, chemical, paper, and other industries of raw materials and finished products sifting, grading.
Machine Description

Widely used in screening and grading of raw materials and finished products in food, feed, chemical, paper and other industries;

It is especially suitable for the screening and grading of granule and powder finished products in feed mills, and can also be used for the initial clearing of raw materials such as corn, soybean and soybean meal;

The transmission structure combined with eccentric shaft and counterweight block, low noise, stable and reliable operation;

The tail adopts high-strength glass steel plate, which can play the role of rigid support and has certain elasticity, meet the physical movement requirements of the rotary screen, and is safe and reliable with long service life.

Pulley drive, stable and reliable, easy maintenance;

Combined screen frame, simple installation, flexible combination;

Quick opening pressing handle, convenient disassembly

Device Parameters
ModelPower (KW)Powder capacity (T/h)Grain capacity (T/h)
Equipment Details
  • SFJH Rotary Sifter

    High Strength Glass Steel

  • SFJH Rotary Sifter

    Rosta elastic support

    The tail elastic support is safe and reliable and has a long life.

  • SFJH Rotary Sifter

    Screen cover: δ type rubber sealing strip seal, hinge type pressing, transfer type connection between screen covers, can be removed separately.

  • SFJH Rotary Sifter

    Belt pulley drive, stable and reliable, convenient maintenance.

  • SFJH Rotary Sifter

    Combined screen frame, simple installation, flexible combination.

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