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SZLH High-Grade Pellet Mill

SZLH series pellet mill is particle forming equipment, widely applicable to feed, grain, forestry, chemical industry, and many other fields.
Device Description

It is specialized for pellet feed production and can be applicable to various scale feed mills;

The machine has ¢2-¢10mm ring die, which can be chosen according to different needs;

Compact structure, beautiful outlook, high capacity, less power consumption, easy to operate, performance stable;

Adopt variable frequency feeding, equipped with strong magnetic iron removal device and overload protection device, and discharging mechanism.

Device Parameters
ModelMain motor (kW)Inner dia. Of die (mm)Effecitive width of die (mm)Roller dia.( mm)Capacity (t/h)
Equipment Details
  • SZLH High-grade Pellet Mill

    Gear and gear shaft adopt carburizing and hardening, hard teeth surface grinding processing technology, transmission balance, low noise, long service life.

  • SZLH High-grade Pellet Mill

    The door cover and chute are made of stainless steel, with strong anticorrosion ability.

    Chute iron removal device, effectively remove iron impurities, protect the safety of gear and bearing.

  • SZLH High-grade Pellet Mill

    Safety pin safety switch, effective overload protection.

  • SZLH High-grade Pellet Mill

    Pressure roller adjusting mechanism, can adjust the pressure roller to the best position;

    The roller adopts high wear resistance material, long service life.

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