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SCY Series Drum Sieve

Applicable to the pre-cleaning of granular raw materials.
Machine Description

Applicable to the pre-cleaning of granular raw materials;

High output, low power, stable and reliable operation, compact structure, less space required;

Horizontal cantilever sieve barrel is adopted. The feed section and discharge section of the sieve cylinder are divided, and different sieve combinations are selected respectively to obtain the corresponding capacity and separation efficiency;

Inside screen, outside brush cleaning. The fiber impurities and rice straw are discharged through the guide screw, and the cleaning is reliable when sifting;

The reverse feeding is adopted, and the discharge section of the screen cylinder is provided with a spiral, which increases the actual screening length, achieves full sifting, and prevents impurities carrying the product;

Easy maintenance, simple installation, easy to replace the sieve cylinder;

Using gear reducer direct transmission, compact structure, smooth operation, low break down.

Device Parameters
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