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SWDG Series Stabilizer with Jacket

SWDG series jacket stabilizer is a new type of stabilization (post-conditioning) equipment, which is applicable to post-conditioning treatment of aquatic fish and shrimp feed, extending the water stability (2-5 hours).
Machine Description

SWDG series jacket stabilizer is a new type of stability equipment, suitable for aquatic fish, shrimp feed post-curing treatment, extend the stability of feed in water (2-5 hours);

It is mainly used in the granulation section of the feed mill, and can be used to produce high-quality aquatic feed, shrimp feed and high-grade livestock and poultry feed.

Hydraulic flip plate flexible discharge, soft action does not damage the material, clean discharge, no need to change production manual cleaning.

Flexible hydraulic transmission system controls the tilting dump unloading mechanism.

The box adopts jacket type structure, rock wool insulation outside, steam heating inside the jacket during operation, safety valve is provided, safe and reliable.

Device Parameters
ModelVolume(m3)Shrimp feed production capacity(t/h)Fish feed production capacity(t/h)Livestock and poultry feed production capacity(t/h)Holding time(min)Motive power(KW)
Equipment Details
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